Mary Free Bed Handcycle and Wheelchair Racing

  • Mary Free Bed Handcycling Team

    The Mary Free Bed handcycling team is a great way to get outside and cycle with a group of people who like to stay active. The team is competitive and travels to races throughout the country, such as the River Bank Run. Handcycling is for individuals 16 or older. Handcycling experience not necessary.

    Saturdays: March 23 - October 20, 2013

    2:00 pm

    Summer: White Pine Trails (Meeting place in the Victory Signa parking lot, next to the Fifth Third Ball Park.)
    Spring/fall: Millennium Park on Kent Trails

    No cost for recreational handcyclists.

    For compettive handcyclists, there is a $40 team registration fee (includes jerseys, t-shirts, stickers, and perks provided by our sponsors).

    More Information About Handcycling and Wheelchair Racing

    Mary Free Bed Wheelchair and Adaptive Sports Program
    235 Wealthy SE
    Grand Rapids, MI

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